Pong - Old School App revisa


I remember spending so long playing this game on my system. I forget the name of the system but it was legit. born in 92 and being bored, this was the game to play when bored. I LOVE IT. people are complaining because they probably havent grown up with the game.


1) I think the physics need to be more like the real "Pong" 2) Leaderboards??? Other than that it's great

Pong but its' still fun.

Sure its' just Pong, but its free and a lot of fun and a big part of video game history. Everyone should tyr it out once. This is a good version of it

Fun idea, but...

The ball's pattern really needs to be more random. In the original version of Pong, the angle of return from the paddle depended on which part the ball hit -- if the ball hit the middle of the paddle, it would be deflected at a ninety degree angle, and the angle of deflection changed the closer the ball hit towards the end of the paddle.

Fun and room to grow

I have played a few times now and find it fun and challenging. Every ten points another ball/block is added. The music is cool but maybe some more tracks would be nice to change it up.

Pretty Good

This game is very much a classic pong game. I only rate this game 4 stars for a couple reasons. 1. In survival mode you are just hitting an invisible wall instead of playing a computer player. I think it might add a bit more to have a computer mode so you feel like your getting somewhere. 2. It does have music that is pretty cool but it is not 8-bit. Even though the music is interesting maybe have the option to change the sound effects and music to an 8-bit style. Otherwise this game is tons of fun to play with friends and family and I would reccomend downloading it.

Less complex than an actual Pong machine

In single player, the pattern that the balls follow took all of 5 seconds to figure out. As a result, I got a 214 score the first time I played. Pretty boring. Also, the balls rebound in the exact same way regardless of where you hit them. Even in the original Pong console game, if you hit the ball with the bottom or top of your paddle it would bounce off in a different direction than if you hit it squarely. The speed of the ball was dependent on where you hit it, which was better than this app's method of speeding up the ball over time. To be clear, I'm saying that a console game from 1975 (which was based on an arcade game from 1971) is more advanced than this app. The multiplayer is a little better...maybe. Well, not really. One thing I can say is that this app was worth every penny. Yes, I got it while it was free.

What the.......

To echo others, WHERE'S THE SOUND?!--especially for a game with such "vintage" graphics, the "beep", "boop" sounds are crucial to recreating the original experience. Can it be that difficult? Don't waste your $$-

Fun game, could be great...

I like the game, it was worth the 99cents I paid. But it would be better if, like others had said, there was sound. I know it's old school, but an old school "beep" sound might spruce it up a bit. Also, the points system seems to be a little off... at one point I was getting points when the puck hit my paddle AND the opposite wall. Then later, only got points when it hit the opposite wall. It seemed to switch back and forth at will. Last... ability to use the mouse to move the paddle.

high score menu please

please put high score menu and sound on this app and I would give it 5 stars

Love Pong

Love this game. Quality buy!


I agree sound would be great, also please add the ability to track high scores.

Needs Improvement - Bug on loading

I rated this application okay, because it has potential. Downloaded from app store and launched. I get a white screen with what can be described as either an E on its side or a font-challenged W. Nothing in the menu to start game, etc. Was hoping to get a round or two in before the next feeding (i.e., triplets!).


add sound effects please, also if you say you can't go fullscreen WRONG!! just go to the view menu and click fullscreen!

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